Rosalie, Sales Assistant, Bouchara

I joined the company in 1997 as a checkout assistant
I became, the following year, fashion and accessories merchandiser / saleswoman.
My desire to evolve internally allowed me to carry out missions such as managing the store displays in Châlon-Sur-Saône for 2 years as well as a two-year collaboration with the purchasing department as a “products spokesperson”.
Interested in the transmission of knowledge, I ensured the arrival of the interns and the follow-up action with their training organisations.
In 2015, I followed the tutor-job and store opening / closing trainings.
I felt enriched by all these activities that contributed to my professional growth.
Only recently, our brand has changed and became Bouchara; and my activity has evolved in the decoration sector. I find the essence of the selling sector and a real exchange with the customers in my daily work.
This new experience is very intense because it is full of novelties, learnings and promises.
It is with pride that I participate and throw myself into this beautiful Bouchara project.