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Would you like to open a store in a n°1 or n°1BIS city centre, shopping centre or retail park? Do you have the desire to adhere to the brand’s culture, to transmit it to your teams, and to make it widely known to your customers while remaining independent?

Let’s talk about you and your project
You’re able to evolve independently, while integrating network rules such as respecting prices and the strategy for implementing products. You want to manage a Devred 1902 store yourself or hire a store manager with proven leadership qualities.
You are a wise manager. You are sensitive to the results. You want to achieve the objectives. You want to be involved in the economic and social fabrics and to become the ambassador of your store and the brand in your city.
It seems like your profile corresponds to our criteria and your business idea integrates well with Devred 1902. Our training and follow-up devices will allow you to quickly acquaint yourself with our profession, our methods and the Brand even if your experience in men’s ready-to-wear is minimal. Let’s take a closer look at this Devred 1902 project together!
Conditions of affiliation
Personal financial contribution: about 1/3 of the total equity investment
Entrance fee: 15000€ excluding taxes
Security deposit: 20000€ excluding taxes
– Provision on discrepancies: 0.6% of the monthly turnover (excluding taxes), half-year re-invoicing of the differences.
Three-week in-store training program and 2.5 hours at the headquarters
– The system adopted, the franchise in affiliation commission, exempts the investor from acquiring his stock, offers successful guarantees, while greatly reducing the initial financial investment.
– Conditions of access to the network:
– Devred 1902 store type:
Commercial surface with a sales area of approximately 110/160m²
– Location of type n°1
– Investment needed for a complete arrangement of a standard Devred 1902 store: between 1100€ and 1500€ / m2 of commercial surface for the development and between 250€ and 300€ / m2 for furniture and decorative items.
– Exclusivity of geographical location
– Exclusive supply from Devred 1902
– Non-competition clause.
– Commission on turnover (excluding taxes) : 39% (excluding taxes)
– Consumables at your expenses (Bag manufacturing, computer …)
– Original contract’s duration: 5 years, no tacit renewal
– Right of first offer or first refusal in favour of Devred 1902
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Pôle Jules Verne
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