Patrice, Regional Director, Bouchara

I entered the Omnium Group in 1997. I first joined the Leon&Co brand where I was a store manager and regional director.
I joined the Bouchara brand in 2003 (previously Eurodif), where challenges kept me going everyday:
As a regional director where I first managed the Northern region and then the Parisian region.
In 2005, I was given a special mission: the launch of a temporary stock clearance store in St-Denis (93). Once the mission was completed, 100% of the overstock was cleared, the equivalent of 1500 pallets sold.
After this experience, I returned to the traditional network of branches and took the direction of the Lorient store for 4 years. During this period, I also trained the store network to the new cashing system.
After a quick passage in Normandy where I was managing the Evreux store, I was transferred (at my request) to Strasbourg and I’m still working here now. Following these successful experiences, I regularly participate in the integration process of future employees (regional managers, store managers, etc.)
I feel very motivated working for Bouchara as I really appreciate working independently and I value the trust between the teams and hierarchies.
Although I respect a well-defined framework, I am relatively autonomous of the decisions I make.
I am actively contributing to the future of our company and its success: I am regularly asked about various topics (product number etc.) and I often participate in training sessions.
Finally, the substantial investments made in Strasbourg (indoor and outdoor) encourage my team and I to always do more: find better ways to welcome our customers, increase our turnover, control the costs, …