Adeline, store manage, Devred 1902

Almost 3 years since I’ve joined the Devred 1902 family!
If I talk about it as a family, it is mainly because it is far more than just a company to me. It has strong human values.
Not only do I share them, I am grateful to pass them on every day
I love this closeness which fills us with life. Everyone exists and plays a key role. We know it. This mutual feeling makes Devred a reactive and responsible company.
We’re given the assets to succeed in the best conditions. During my company integration, I’ve been welcomed and accompanied by Cédric (Store Manager Trainer) and his team for a month.
Thanks to their welcome and training, I felt ready to take up the challenge in my store. I felt confident and serene when I arrived. I met the team and shared an incredible experience, the Devred 1902 experience.